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Sunday, November 16, 2014

I had thought four days in New York would give me enough time to do the old tourist bit and in the process get some decent photographs, but things didn’t quite work out for me. Firstly I was unable to find a Warmshowers host and so had to resort to using a hostel. Not normally a big problem, but now it was. For some unfathomable reason New York hostel prices are truly extortionate (you can almost book a hotel room for the same price) and what you actually get is not even remotely decent compared to other hostels. So step forward Chelsea Hotel Hostel, by far and away the worst hostel I have stayed in, anywhere in the world. Why? well the bed was awful, Wifi (and poor Wifi at that) only in the shared reception area, no kitchen to cook food and a couldn’t care less attitude make it easily the worst I have stayed in.

However things should get better, as I’d arranged for a Warmshowers host on the final night in New York, closer to the airport to make getting the bike and luggage ready much easier. The idea behind this being to give me enough time to go out and explore New York, instead of worrying about getting everything to the airport easily and in good order. By now regular readers of my blog will know only too well how I tend to suffer from being ‘very unlucky’ at times. So when I learned that my very kind hosts brother had died and staying there would have meant being on my own (arranging transport myself to and from my accommodation and then to the airport) I was left frantically trying to find another solution. By the time I’d moved all my stuff across town, found yet another bike box, a large canvas bag for my luggage, I had no time for ‘sight seeing’ and ended up having to pay for a ‘cheap’ hotel room right next to the airport. ‘Cheap’ being a relative term, I was now using a credit card with no credit on it, so would need to address this problem before the next bill date. Like I say, ‘lucky’ I am not.

The Bike Exchange, Newark, New Jersey

The (second) bike box was obtained from The Bike Exchange, the only bike shop within a taxi ride of the airport. Thankfully a few doors down I managed to find a shop which sold Police and Army uniforms and other related stuff, so got myself a huge canvas holdall to fit all my panniers in. While I managed to keep the bike box at the correct weight the bag ended up at 71 kgs, being 20 kgs overweight. So total cost of bike and baggage ended up being an extra $160.

It rained constantly while I was in New York, so my one and only wandering involved stretching my legs around the hostel on the night before I moved. No time (or to be honest, will) to go into the centre, I snapped the following picture with my iPhone.

The wet streets of New York

The hotel were supposed to offer ‘free’ transport to the airport, only about 1 to 2 miles away. My bus driver asked me for $35 and when I told him to ‘bog off’ dropped me at a bus terminal. I’d allowed lots of extra time, just as well as I frantically tried to find out which airport terminal I needed to get to. Thankfully a kind minibus driver offered me a lift, asking only for a ‘donation’ of whatever I could afford. I gave him my last $9 in change and would just have to miss out on lunch. It did however get me there in plenty of time, again just as well, because they decided to completely unpack my bike box. Like I say, ‘lucky’ I am certainly not.

View from plane over New York

We left New York on time, even after I repacked my bike box!  The flight would take a strange path, going via Chicago, which to me seems completely the wrong direction?  No doubt there’s a very good reason for this…

Coming into land at Chicago

From Chicago I would fly onto Manchester and hopefully a meet up with a Warmshower host at the airport. Would I at last find some good luck?  You’ll have to wait for my next blog to find out, but I’m so glad to be returning to beautiful Yorkshire…

More soon…

Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 3:52 pm

Welcome back.

    Hans Côté
    Sunday, November 23, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    I will apreciate every single warmshower. Hope luck is with you by now. And why not a hot tub session with your favorite drink served with a little umbrela, you deserve it more than anyone on this globe.
    May the force be with ya!!

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