hydrant flow test

Ensuring Your Home Is Safe From Fire

One of the most sudden and devastating disasters we can experience is a fire.  With a fire we have very little time to act, react or form decisions to a course of action.  When a fire starts they tend to spread quickly consuming all of the matter around it until everything is consumed. This can leave homes destroyed, people burned or dead and countless lives ruined.  However, with the help of your local fire department and a hydrant flow test the loss of life and property can be greatly diminished.

hydrant flow test

The job of the fire department isn’t just to sit around a fire house playing cards waiting for the bell to ring and race off to the scene of a fire.  A big job of the fire department is to maintain safety and fire safety so that people can prevent a fire as well as escape quickly if a fire does occur.  The secondary part of this process is to maintain the infrastructure needed to work so when called out to a fire it can be extinguished quickly.  The first step in the process is a hydrant flow test.

Testing the flow in hydrants is where fire fighters will travel to all the hydrants in a given area and open them up.  The water pressure and volume of water released from this test is measured and calculated to ensure that if needed the fire trucks will have enough water to combat a fire.

This test is conducted every ten years or so.  In areas were the need for water is greater or where exposed piping is present the hydrant flow test may be conducted every five years.  This is a vital process in the maintenance of the water systems and the reassurance that in a crisis lives, property and the community can be saved in the event of a fire.