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Christmas Update

Saturday, December 29, 2012

After my foray into the mountains, it was time to head back to the coast and Almeria. I was thinking it would be nice to spend Christmas Day in one of the bigger resorts, maybe Malaga or Marbella as then it would be more likely to be able to pick up a few meager supplies and to be honest, just be around other people. While I enjoy the solitude at times, the thought of being totally alone at Christmas was not appealing to me this year.

The coastline riding was truly stunning and although the early mornings were cold and crisp, once the sun got up it was getting to about 20°C and very pleasant for cycling, as the road hugging the coast remained relatively quiet of traffic.

The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean coast leaving Almeria

I was now leaving behind the region of Almeria and heading into Granada and the scenery changed once again. This is a very affluent area and the hotels and beaches were a step up along the Costa del Sol ->

The coastline changes as you enter the Granada province.

Christmas Eve was a long day of riding, but as it became clear I would not reach Malaga, I chose a rather unusual wild camping spot just off the road at the top of a hill overlooking the nearest town. Fireworks were being let off all night and were pretty impressive to watch from my tent awning, but this meant I didn’t get much sleep until the very early hours, not good when my plan was to make an early start and be in Malaga for Christmas day.

Christmas Eve on the hillside overlooking Torre del Mar

Christmas Day and I awoke to the sound of rain on the tent. I stepped outside and looked up at the dark sky and realised this was no passing shower, so quickly retired back inside my home. It was late afternoon when I finally packed up and got back on the road. The wind was howling down the coast and I was cycling directly into it, it certainly made for an ‘interesting’ way to spend Christmas day and not one of my best. However every cloud has a silver lining and upon reaching Malaga it was time to start looking for a camp, so I rode on through and found a quiet spot just outside. I’d bought a large bar of chocolate which had sat in my bags for a few days and duly finished the lot in one sitting – my Christmas treat.

I had also earlier contacted someone through Warm Showers via email and not been able to get internet access to check if I could be hosted. I really hoped that I could take a break and recharge my flagging batteries…

…more soon.







Saturday, December 29, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Loving the pictures !

Saturday, December 29, 2012 at 4:18 pm

Merry Christmas Derek, love Tony and Sam.

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