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Company at last

Saturday, June 29, 2013

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Just 20 kilometers outside Constanta and I hear the sound of a cycle bell behind me. Thinking this is another local rider, I move over but don’t look round. The bell sounds again and alongside comes a fully loaded touring cyclist with a big smile and as we exchange greetings we pull off the road to chat. My new companions name is Buggi, a German cyclist who strangely enough has more or less been following the same route as me and we decide to ride together for a while…

Fully loaded – Buggi

We were only a short ride from our next destination, the Bulgarian border. Passport in hand, the guard barely glanced at me and waved us on.

At the Bulgarian border.

It was a new experience riding with someone else and exchanging stories of our travels. This would also be the first time I shared camping with anyone and we chose a rather strange spot to camp, alongside a quiet beach in front of what we thought was a disused old beach hut. Thankfully a little later the owner turned up and was only too happy to let us camp here.

Not exactly ‘stealth’ camping!

Buggi’s choice of where to place his tent differed slightly from mine!

The benefit of a ‘free standing’ tent.

And it wasn’t only myself who’d found a new friend, my constant companion Wellington now had a rather large furry rat to play with…

Ratz & Wellington

As we watched the sun go down it had been a pretty good day, the cycling had been pleasant along with the now very hot daily sunshine, I’d visited a new country and we had found a great place to camp. I had a good idea where I was heading, whereas Buggi didn’t really have a set route, so we just agreed to ride together until we sorted things out.

Watching the sunset…

We were following the coast down to Varna and had arranged a stopover with a warm shower host in Priseltsi. Sorry I’m still behind with the blog, but I’ll tell you how we got on in the next post…

Oh and some stats: over 18,000 km cycled and 18 countries visited so far…

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1 Comment
Jean Glynn
Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 7:38 pm

Derek I am loving your trip. My brother was in Inverness working last week and met a guy who does the coast to coast ride here in the UK. So he told him about your trip of course. Now here are some STATS for you…..Andy Murray is thro to the 4th round at Wimbledon and I am keeping my eyes on him. We’ve had some nice weather here the past week or two but I had the heating on Thursday night. Yes in June everyone is dreading the bills. So make the most of you Bulgarian sunshine. I had a weeks holiday at Sunny Beach some ten years ago and the weather was beautiful send us some back home for July please. love to you as always and keep safe………………..Jeanie xxxxx

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