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Er-Rachidia & Erfoud

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The road to Er-Rachidia (also confusingly called Ar-Richidia on some maps) was pretty boring if I’m honest, as there wasn’t much in the way of changing scenery for many kilometers. Not a cloud in the sky but still relatively cool until the sun had warmed everything up mid afternoon, I’m having to be careful of sunburn on my face (the rest is covered up most of the time).

Kilometer after kilometer of barren landscape.

Then I started to see the first palmeries, the lush green bringing the landscape back to life.

A touch of green appears.

Er-Rachidia is a university town and as I passed through I saw many students on bikes. Cycling as a means of transport is very popular, but I’ve yet to meet any serious local cyclists and in fact have only seen one other tourer, an Irishman called Tommy who now lives in Spain. Apart from a quick look around, I left early the next morning for Erfoud, once again cycling into a headwind. In fact it stayed with me all day, making this leg very tiring and difficult with once again not much scenery to look at, bar a plastic dinosaur!

The fossil store on the road to Erfoud.

Bleak landscape, road to Erfoud.

If I thought the previous day was featureless, this was much more so until I reached the outskirts of Erfoud, where I spotted what looked like a castle. Fossil stores were also now very much in evidence on the roadside.

Well it looks like a castle to me!

I was hoping for something a bit ‘more’ when I finally reached Erfoud. It was pretty run down and not very interesting at all, least to me. Another town where I had a quick wander around and then moved on. To be honest I just wanted to get to Merzouga and then the dunes.

More soon…


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