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Thursday, January 3, 2013

It was lunchtime by the time I left behind Mandy’s. It had been my longest break, but I’m so grateful for being allowed to attend the New Years Eve bash and meeting some more wonderful friends. My legs felt strange as I climbed the hill out of the harbour, no doubt they couldn’t remember what they’re supposed to do!

It didn’t take me long to cycle to Gibraltar, the sun making it difficult to photograph as it was directly overhead. Customs never even looked at my passport as I crossed the border, simply waving me on through. I was just a little disappointed, as one of them was holding a stamp and it would have been nice to have had an extra one in my passport.

The impressive sight of the Rock

I’m really amazed how small Gibraltar is. Had I not stopped for a good look around and a couple of pictures, I could have cycled all the way around it in about 20 minutes. As it was, I just had to get a photo of the bay and another of the British flag, especially as I’d earlier gaffed by telling friends I thought Gibraltar had been given to the Spanish! ->

The bay is truly stunning.

The Union Jack flutters in the wind.

After my tour round the Rock I decided to get as close to Algeciras as I could, finding a nice spot to wild camp only a few kilometers from the port. The local dogs kept up a chorus all night, meaning I didn’t sleep too well and in the morning the tent was soaked with a fine mist of morning dew. I’d wanted to get on an early ferry, but decided to let my tent dry as best I could and make a later dash, so it was noon before I arrived at the ferry terminal and picked up my fast ferry ticket, which sailed at 1:00 p.m.

A short wait and then I jumped the queue and was the first to board, securing the bike with a couple of bungee cords picked up earlier from a Chinese bazaar shop. Then it was time to pig out with the on-board snacks and tea as I got rid of my loose change. Next stop North Africa and Morocco…


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