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Independence Day

Friday, July 11, 2014

It would be another week of wild camping before I reached my next Warmshower hosts in Cedarburg. My decision to head south towards Chicago had me scratching my head and almost pulling my hair out in frustration, as the winds which had been blowing in my face now turned to blow from the west. Had I stayed on my original course I would have had a nice tail wind, instead of the difficult cross/head winds I encountered for all but one day of this leg of my trip.  Seems I just can’t win at the moment with the weather.

Stealth camping in one of the many public parks along the way I had a bit of good fortune when found by a local officer, who informed me camping in this particular park was not allowed (which I knew!), but on hearing about my travels he simply asked me to be discreet and informed me he had not seen me.  Moments later I took this picture of a rainbow:

Nice rainbow, shame about the storm that followed!

When the sun did come out, I came off the main highways and took the back roads to find lakes or parks to break up the journey and have my meal stops, or just to go through small towns. After crossing through Green Bay, home of the famous NFL football team: The Green Bay Packers (interesting fact 1. The Packers are the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States. Interesting fact 2. There is a 60 year waiting list for season tickets) and after passing Two Rivers, Lake Michigan would now remain on my left shoulder until I reached Chicago.

The raked beach at Random Lake, one of my lunch stops.

By the time I reached Cedarburg I was ready for a proper rest and my kind hosts John and Marie had allowed me to make myself at home until they arrived a little later from work, showing once again the trust and companionship in this wonderful cyclists network. It was a great weekend as we watched the Independence Day celebrations together and enjoyed visiting the local sights, which included my first visit to a Frisbee golf course. John is rather modest, but it turns out not only did he design the course (and others) but he is also a Frisbee world champion!

The main street lined with chairs

Here in Cedarburg their own personal street chairs had been put out as much as 24 hours earlier, to ensure a spot on the side-walk for the parade which lasted for a couple of hours.

4th July celebrations in Cedarburg

The Americans rightly love Independence Day and so I left my union Jack at home, but here’s another interesting fact I discovered: three US Presidents in a row died on July 4th – Independence Day.

Marching band, Cedarburg

One for the car lovers

Much as I enjoyed the parade, the sightseeing tour was pretty special too. When told there was a covered bridge just outside town (one of only a few remaining in the USA) I simply had to see it. We actually had to go twice, because on our first visit the sun had gone too low and not only was the light poor, the mosquito’s were out in force.

The covered bridge outside Cedarburg

Inside the bridge

Another bridge built across the Milwaukee River in 1888 was moved (complete – quite a feat) in 1996 when it was replaced by a concrete bridge to handle the additional traffic. It’s new home was Lime Kiln Park, in the village of Grafton, just a few miles from Cedarburg. It is one of the few remaining steel truss bridges left in Wisconsin.

The bridge at Grafton

The park was once part of a lime quarry operated by the Milwaukee Falls Lime Company, which operated from 1890 until the 1920’s. Five lime kilns were built and now three have been restored.

The Lime Kilns, Grafton

It was an enjoyable tour and we didn’t have to travel more than a few miles from Cedarburg.

The water tower, Cedarburg

So ended my time in Cedarburg. I could easily have stayed longer, but I really need to keep moving and stick more to my schedule as I’m now well behind (after miscalculating the time it will take to get to St. John’s, Newfoundland) and will have to re-think my trip back across the USA to avoid the cold weather.

And that’s it for this quick update, more soon…

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Friday, July 11, 2014 at 11:35 pm

Like the covered bridge we have lots of them in south central Pennsylvania if you are coming this way

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