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Into Switzerland

Friday, May 3, 2013

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It was under grey skies that I crossed into Switzerland. The rain had gone, it seemed to be warming up and I was hopeful the sun would break through later in the morning. I’d made an early start so I could reach Lucerne today, as I’d no idea of the ups and downs that lay before me. Although not in the EU club, Switzerland had signed up to the Schengen agreement, so there was no need to show my passport. They did seem to be checking some vehicles; obviously I didn’t look dodgy enough to concern them!

The Swiss Border

As I turned right, I picked up the first Eurovelo 8 signpost to Aarau, my initial destination. It really was simple following the signs and the riding was superb as I was kept away from traffic.

No problems with route finding.

I would recommend the Eurovelo routes to anyone visiting on a bike, the quality of riding and scenery was fantastic and the paths never seemed to be busy.

No problems dodging the walkers!

I needn’t have worried about hills on the first part of the route to Aarau, as I followed river banks and flat(ish) forest tracks/roads for most of the way. It was very enjoyable cycling.

The forest tracks were very well signed too.

I made an early lunch stop in Aarau, the sun still not having appeared but at least the scenery was nice. Only another 56km to Lucerne, if I was to believe the sign. I’ve found that the distances given aren’t always correct, so take them with a pinch of salt!

Lunch time and still no sunshine.

Despite the sun having gone AWOL, I was making good time and decided upon another stop to sample the local apfelstrudel, while being watched over by this lion. I tried to read the plaque detailing it’s history, but without success except to glean there was a date of 1865 and a mention of a 120 year war.

Any ideas where this is as I can’t remember!

As I arrived in Lucern city center I searched for a sign of a campsite to no avail, but thankfully a kind local must have worked out I was looking and offered me assistance. There seemed to be only one large campsite within a reasonable distance and upon being pointed in the right direction I soon picked up the signs. I was straight into the shower, put on clean clothes then got all my washing done – phew! 🙂

Next morning it was time to nip back into town and find the tourist office and do the tourist bit – camera in tow. The sun was finally showing, albeit briefly and so I made the most of the photo opportunities.

If I hadn’t been on my own, this would have been me!

Or if you need a bigger boat to see the lake…

Images of Lucerne

Images of Lucerne

Images of Lucerne

Images of Lucerne

Images of Lucerne

You can see from the photos that the sun never really put in an appearance and so I was struggling with my photography. That was to change the next morning when I set off for Interlaken (anyone care to guess where I’m headed for?) and the resulting images of the mountains are stunning (even if I say so myself!), so don’t miss the next blog post…
>>  Click for route map

Friday, May 3, 2013 at 1:58 pm

there is a Wirtschaft Landskeller in Luzerne at Sternenplatz 3 according to Google

    Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    Lucern looks an amazing place, plenty of photo opportunities, the bike route looked like a dream also…keep enjoying the journey…

Maggie Gaestel
Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 12:12 am

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

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