Cycling Around the World
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My Route

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The route has changed from my original plan, but then this has led to a greater sense of adventure!

I originally planned on riding the Camino de Santiago route through France and into Spain, then working my way down through Africa. Snow halted me in France and the Pyrenees and I ended up taking a train to Perpignan and following the coast down to Gibraltar and then onwards into Morocco.

Africa proved a nightmare for me. I was robbed on three occasions and had my passport stolen in Senegal, meaning a return to London to replace it. This seriously depleted my funds.

I then decided to change my route and set off this time through Europe, loosely following the Danube through to Turkey and then into ‘the Stans’ of Central Asia. I crossed the Caspian Sea into Kazakhstan and cycled through the Wakhan Valley and the Pamir Highway into Kyrgyzstan. Winter halted my progress and I ended up having to fly into China.

I continued on to South East Asia and then skipped across the ocean to Canada, riding all the way across (from west to east) and down to New York. Needing to get my dislocated shoulder fixed, I flew back to England.

Take a look at the Trips page or click the Route Map link to see where I’ve been.

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