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Raindrops are falling…

Friday, April 12, 2013

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The icy cold wind has gone, only to be replaced by the rain. It hasn’t warmed up much either, so I’m having a tough time of it at the moment and not in the best of spirits. It’s rained almost constantly since I left Ypres so everything is wet, muddy and cold – or is that just me?  I’d almost forgotten what Europe was like in the spring, but to be honest this is nothing like spring. There is no green appearing, in fact many of the trees have still to lose their brown winter garb. It’s so unnatural, middle of April and I’d swear it was January or February.

Anyway that’s my moaning out of the way. Oh no, hang on a minute – I forgot the hills. Whoever said Belgium was mostly flat is having a laugh. The route towards Luxembourg is pleasant enough, but only if  you like hills!
Ah I almost forgot, some low-life stole my travel towel from the radiator when I stopped at one of the campsites to clean up. They’re not cheap either, that is when I can find somewhere that sells them.
Oh and one last thing, tractor mud on the road caused a major crash where I lost copious amounts of skin. Think that’s all the bad news out of the way. 😉

Not much to photograph I’m afraid (due to the rain) with the exception of this quick snap just outside Mons.

Under dark skies.

Progress is slow at the moment and because of this I’ve decided to make the route up as I go along and not follow any set plans I had. I think this will be a sensible decision because I can’t seem to get into any kind of a routine, maybe this will change when the summer arrives. Besides it makes it a little more exciting when I’ve no idea where next!
Of course the Himalayas is where I’m ultimately going and it seems prudent to make a more direct line to get there given my current progress.

My current location is Neufchâteau, a mere 85km from Luxembourg. I’m sat having a local Belgian beer and drying out my down jacket, hoping that the weather forecast is going to be true – drying up for the next few days. If so I’ll post my next update from sunny Luxembourg.

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Jean Glynn
Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 12:01 pm

Derek it’s still like winter here in Morley with no hint of Spring on the cards. Heating still on full blast. That low-life needs his hands chopping off. Anyway great to hear from you again. My pal in West Virginia ( I call her Peggy but she is a Morjorie ) loves your news updates just like we do in Morley. good luck for the road ahead. you are in our thoughts. love………Jean and family xx

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