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Sunday, January 20, 2013

My original plan was to skip Todra Gorge and take the lower N12 road out of Rissani, but so many people I’ve met have told me it’s a ‘must see’ I ended up going out from Erfoud, through Tinejdad and I’m now sat in a cafe in Tinerhir using their wifi. The gorge is just 14 km away, so I’ll make camp tonight and visit tomorrow. It’s a ‘out and back’ trip, so chances are I’ll return to this cafe and post my update.

The road from Rissani to Erfoud was similar to what I’ve been riding these last couple of days, with not much of note except the nice archways I passed under when leaving Rissani ->

Leaving Rissani

and a couple of Berber water wells a few kilometers outside of Erfoud ->

The Berber well, where you’re encourage to join them to ‘relax’.

On a more sombre note: last night was the worst of the trip so far, suppose it had to happen sometime. I was on the road out of Tinejdad and looking for a place to camp, but it was the barren stony landscape again with absolutely no cover at all. On top of that the wind got up and blew a horrendous sand storm, which just had to be a headwind which I battled for hours. At the 90+ km mark (about 35 km from Tinerhir) I could go no further, and so rode off the highway for 1 km and pitched tent in the howling wind, behind a small thorn bush which offered no shelter. It was 5 a.m. before the wind stopped and the red sand had blown everywhere into my tent. I love being in the wild, but this was beyond reason and it’s taken me a while to lift myself up again.

However purchasing local tea and making my own ‘Moroccan sweet tea’ has done just that, so I’m ready to see what tomorrow has in store for me…

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