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Thursday, May 2, 2013

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My stay in Freiburg had been longer than expected as the forecast for the Saturday was for rain all day, which on this occasion they got spot on. So I made my way out of the city on a cold and overcast Sunday morning, quite enjoying splashing my way through the many puddles left overnight and at least now it was dry!  The route I chose wove it’s way through the suburbs and Martin’s advice to stay close to the railway line ensured I never got lost.
The first real sighting of the hills I would be riding into gave me a slight cause for concern though, as the air was full of dark clouds and it looked like it would be raining higher up the valley.

My first sight of the hills, shrouded in mist.

It was a long climb and my legs were complaining as there had been too little real climbing lately, something which was certainly going to change over the coming days and weeks. The pretty town of Sankt Märgen sat on top of the huge hill, it’s twin towers visible for miles around. It had taken me a little over two hours to get there and I was bushed, so the welcome sight of a bus shelter beckoned and I made my lunch (cheese sarnies) and the usual cup of tea. A lovely old German lady came and chatted with me, wanting to know where I had traveled from. As I did my best to put the language I had been studying this past few weeks into practice I felt quite proud of myself.

Sankt Märgen, my first stop.

You’d have thought (like me) that there would now be a nice downhill, but I continued to climb into the mist which was now turning into a fine drizzle like rain, just great! It didn’t feel like much above zero with the wind, so with my nose pushed towards the bike’s top tube I switched off my brain and got stuck in to a nice (albeit slow) climbing rhythm. Him upstairs must have thought I was enjoying myself because not content with drizzle, the heavens opened and the rain fell like stair rods. I reached Titisee ab solutely soaked to the skin, despite donning my full winter waterproofs and called it a day at the first campsite I came across – I needed to get in a shower before hypothermia set in.

The next morning was grey and overcast, the rain only starting as I set off heading for Waldshut-Tiengen, a few kilometers from the Swiss border. I was disappointed that my trip through Swarzwald will be remembered for the appalling weather and not the beautiful scenery that I never got to see.

Titisee shrouded in mist the next morning.

Today was a long day and I was feeling weary, a good excuse to put in an extra stop and call at the local bakery for a cake treat, before finding a camping spot for the night. I would cross over into Switzerland first thing in the morning.

Edit:  Due to internet access problems I’m running a bit behind with the blog and hope to catch up in my next post.

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