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Monday, November 19, 2012

Warm Showers is a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists. Quite unique in it’s concept, you log on to the website and view the map which shows your current location anywhere in the world. But the really good bit is you can then see (by use of various map pins) those members who are willing to host touring cyclists near to your location.

I contacted my hosts four days ago by email and asked if they could help me out when I came through their region. And that’s where I’m writing this from. I turned up last night and enjoyed a lovely meal with my hosts Chris & Jane. It was their son Sam who had joined Warmshowers and he himself had used the community while he toured Eastern Australia from Brisbane to Tasmania.

Thanks to my hosts I’m enjoying a well earned rest in a small village called Bellenaves, just east of Montlucon.This area of France is so much more beautiful and interesting than the bleak north farmlands which I cycled through – It’s much warmer too. Not many photos were taken over this last week, as the weather in general was pretty grim. But here are a few:


The sun came out and lit up the Seine.


After a weeks riding, I was ready for my rest day.

Another 132 miles will see me arrive in Le Puy en-Velay, my starting point for the pilgrims route, the Camino de Santiago, or the way of St James.

I’m so looking forward to this leg of the trip, I can already feel a difference in the weather the further south I travel and I plan to slow down and enjoy the beautiful churches and architecture along the way. I also expect to use my camera in earnest for the first time!

That’s all for now, an update on the kit I’ve been using will follow shortly…


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