Ways To Avoid And Prevent Snow Damage To Your Roof

When it comes to winter the snow and wet weather can cause a lot of havoc and damage to property.  When dealing with the snow the primary focus for many is making sure that their driveways, sidewalks and mailboxes are clear of snow.  More often than not people forget about the snow load on roof and the damage that it can cause.

snow load on roof

Careful standing on your roof

When we have a lot of snow many people will try and shovel it off themselves.  This is okay in some situations but you need to be very careful.  When standing on your roof you may lose your footing and the snow will sheet off.  If this happens you will go with it.  Make sure that you are working on small areas of your roof and the snow is cleared slowly.

Work in favorable conditions

When dealing with the snow on the roof it is advisable to work on a warm, wind free day.  If the day is cold and overcast the sun won’t be able to assist you with the melting process. Avoiding windy days will first keep you safe from falling if a gust of wind happens by as well as keeping powered snow from blowing into your face and gloves making the entire process miserable.

Hire Professionals

When it comes to dealing with a heavy load of snow on the roof, the job may be too overwhelming for most people.  This can be related to the height of the roof, odd angles and other factors.  If the weight of the snow gets too much hire a professional crew with the training and equipment needed to remove it quickly and safely.  Allowing snow to build up and apply pressure on your roof can result in buckling, cave ins and massive structural damage.  When it snows it is a nice sight.  When we have damage from the snow it is not.