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Welcome to Austria

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I crossed into Austria on Thursday afternoon, amidst clear blue skies and sunshine. The campsite was only a short distance from the border and I was happy to arrive a little early and start my rest period as I was pretty tired after a hard week of climbing.

The Austrian Border

The Austrian Border

It rained during the night. It’s still raining now. It hasn’t stopped and I’m wondering if this is the second coming. I tried waiting it out, but when it got to today (Sunday) I packed up and set off in the pouring rain for Innsbruck. The riding is pretty grim, I can’t see anything and it’s very cold – as I climb higher the rain is turning to snow. But I have to go on, so I arrived at the St. Christoph Pass hoping it would be closed, then at least I’d have an excuse. No such luck, so I battened down the hatches and set off up.

Looking up at the St. Christoph Pass

Looking up at the St. Christoph Pass

It took a long time to get to the top, all 1,793 m of it. If anyone doubts my resolve, please study the following photograph as I rode from 10:00 a.m. this morning until 18:30 p.m. in this. The forecast for tomorrow is for the same, but I’ll make it to Innsbruck where I’ve arranged for another kind Warm Showers host and with luck I should get dried out.

At the top (1,793 m) sheltering from the snow

At the top (1,793 m) sheltering from the snow.

I love taking pictures in the sunshine but it doesn’t tell the true story. I’ve had more rain days than sunshine (much, much more) and I just wonder how many people would really like to be me!

It’s all part of the adventure and I’m not moaning, simply pointing out the pictures don’t always reflect my circumstances.

OK a short update, more later…

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